Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality Development

Course information

Course Duration: 60 Hours

Course Commencement: Monday & Thursday of every week

Meeting Times: 09:00 PM to 11:00 PM IST

Meeting Location: YouTube Live Streaming

Course Website:

Course syllabus, reading material, and course related resources will be made available at the course website. Additionally, the online portal Google Classroom( will be used for posting lecture material, assignments, announcements, etc and for handling submissions.

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Office hours

Tentative office hours: Saturday/ Sunday 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM, or by appointment.

Course Description

Personality is a set of qualities that make a person distinct from another. Personality, unlike what many people believe, is not in-born and static. It can be consciously developed and changed. With conscious effort, one can project the desired personality. We are living in high competitive world and a good personality not only enables you to have a better level of communication among co-workers and higher authorities, but also showcase your potential skills which in turn adds on to your growth in the field. Developing good personality helps you to excel not only in your career, but in your personal life as well.

This training can help you develop unique and impressive personality that contribute immensely in your career.

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students will come to know about methods and practices which can help them in developing personality. Students will be able to groom themselves professionally so they are better equipped to deal with challenges of professional life.


This course is suitable for professionals who are looking to develop inter personal skill or want to excel in career. This course is also suitable for graduate or postgraduate students who are going to appear for placements or interviews.


Any student who is willing to put efforts in learning can take this course. If you are interested in taking the course, but are not sure if you have the right background, talk to the instructor.

Course work

The course consists of lectures (two times a week, 100 min each) and interactive practice sessions with students.


Your final grade will be determined based on your performance on each of the following items; the percentages in parenthesis show the weight each item carries to the final grade.

  • Class participation (60%)
  • Interactive sessions (40%)

Topics and Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Why personality development important for job
    • Getting help in early stages of career growth
    • Future career advancement
    • Personality analysis
  2. Communication skills
    • Speaking skills(spoken English)
    • Pronunciation guidelines
    • Phonetics
    • Accent
    • Intonation
    • Syllables
    • Communication skills : self assessment
    • Tips for improving communication skills
  3. Body language
    • Introduction
    • Personal grooming
    • Handshake
    • Eye contact
    • Body language : during interview
    • Body language : during discussion with supervisor
    • Body language : presentation to a large audience
    • Body language : during group discussion
    • Body language : during video conference
  4. Presentation skills
    • Introduction
    • Prepare in advance
    • Overcome nervousness
    • Starting a presentation
    • Engaging audience
    • Concluding a presentation
    • Answering questions
    • Make use of technology effectively
  5. Soft skills : required in industry
    • Self confidence
    • Time management
    • Attitude
    • Positive thinking
    • Responsibility
    • Teamwork
    • Ethics integrity and values
    • Problem solving and attitude
    • Leadership
    • Communication and networking
    • Listening skills
    • Resolving conflict
  6. Resume or curriculum vitae
    • Introduction
    • Difference between resume and CV
    • Headline, main body of resume
    • Tips of writing resume for fresher
    • Tips of writing resume for experienced professional
    • Examples
  7. Group Discussion
    • Introduction
    • Ability to work as team
    • Communication skills required
    • Active listening
    • Leadership and assertiveness
    • Reasoning
    • Influence others
    • Creative and lateral thinking
    • Types of group discussion
    • Topics of group discussion
    • Concluding group discussion
    • Guidelines : Do’s and Don’ts
  8. Job interviews
    • Introduction
    • Types of interviews
    • Preparation before interview
    • Dress code
    • Importance of body language
    • Common interview questions
    • Tricky interview questions with probable answers
    • Concluding interview
    • Practicing for interview : mock interview
    • Tips for telephonic or video interview
    • Common reasons of failure in interview
    • Do’s and Don’ts in interview
  9. Improving spoken English
    • Introduction
    • Building vocabulary
    • Improving grammar
    • Overcoming hesitation
    • Improve pronunciation
    • Improve fluency
    • Common mistakes
  10. Improving writing English
    • Introduction
    • Clarity of communication
    • Taking feedback
    • Common errors
    • Taking help of technology

Books and references

The lecture notes and reading material will be posted on the course's website or the associated Google Classroom page as the course proceeds.

Additional references and books related to the course:

  • Personality development and soft skills by Barun K Mitra
  • “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie

Important Dates and Deadlines

Please refer to the course page and academic calendar often to be aware of important dates and critical deadlines throughout the semester.


This syllabus is subject to change. Updates will be posted on the course website.

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